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Ink Kitchen

Ink Kitchen - Matching colour with expertise

The detail of the Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen is the precocious color matching technology it features. The on-site set up technology modifies it to automatically combine colors and get a highly accurate color match. This entirely obviates the unpredictability experienced during non-automatic color matching.
What all printers consequently get, is an impeccable color match plus inks in the correct amount. For printers it's almost like having accession to their very personal mini ink plant. This service assists in saving a lot of time, obviating wastage and bringing comfort to printers, their customers and of course consequent in a first-rate print quality and fewer rejections.

Experience the comfort of automatic color matching!

Technology - The very latest
Each Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen is accoutred with the most precocious tools required for eaxct color matching like  orange proofer, Spectro Photometer, mixer etc. The spectro meter is factory-made by Gretag Macbeth and is particularly customized for the Seven - 11. The software system too has been peculiarly appointed for true color reproduction.

Colors - A real match every-time
Each Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen provides Pantone based inks. An accumulation of 9 base colors and 16 pantone colors will always provide you the needed match all times.

Save Time - No approximation
Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen caters to your requirements all-inclusively. The L*a*b* values are maintained in our system so as to assure of the same color whenever you require it.

Accurate Colors & Accordant Quality - Mechanization at its best
Since the ink preparation and color matching are automated, you can get exact colors as well as consistent quality.

Save Inventory - Complete Convenience
At the Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen, you don’t have merely accurate colors but also the correct amount. It means that you undertake only the quantity you need.

Just an accurate shade. Just the right amount. Just in time inks.

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